Ludovico Einaudi

In a Time Lapse

«When you become conscious that your time has a limit, it’s the moment when you try to fill that empty space with all your energy and you start to live every instant of your life fully, just like when you were a child».

That’s how Ludovico Einaudi presents In a Time Lapse three years after Nightbook: «a timeframe that doesn’t freeze the moment, but, on the contrary, encompasses our experiences, our past, present, and future, our expectations, our desires, our limits, everything that makes us, us».

In a Time Lapse is composed of fourteen tracks, with instruments ranging from piano to strings, to drums and electronic and, just like the artist’s previous works, is developed like a suite, with a musical structure referring to the one of a novel divided into chapters.

Epic and enthralling like Divenire, experimental and adventurous like NightbookIn a Time Lapse pushes itself even further, exploring new sound textures and arrangements that meld together different musical worlds into a stratified language, coherent and precise.


Corale | 2:04″
Time Lapse | 5:32″
Life | 4:22″
Walk | 3:27″
At Night | 4:25″
Run | 5:32
Brothers | 4:51″
Orbits | 2:57″
Two Trees | 6:25″
Newton’s Cradle | 7:52″
Waterways | 4:17″
Experience | 5:15″
Underwood | 4:13″
Burning | 4:59″
Bever | 4:01″
The Dark Bank of Clouds | 3:11″
Sarabande | 4:14″
Ronald’s Dream | 3:45″
Corale Solo | 2:46″

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