Ben Sidran

Don’t Cry For No Hipster

‘Style’ is the first word that comes to mind when describing Ben Sidran’s music, who with Don’t Cry for no Hipster goes back to his beloved smoky atmospheres: fourteen tracks find space in a work exploring jazz tradition, intimate jazz clubs’ vibes, and ironic swing hints.

Perhaps, the title brings us in media res, with a wink to trendy fashions popular among city hipsters. Tracing back in the cover notes the genesis of a term – “hipster” – which in American pop culture made quite the statement, Sidranreminds us with solid irony his personal stylistic belief: «Brand new music/Same old song».


1. Back Nine
2. Brand New Music
3. Don’t Cry For No Hipster
4. At Least We Got To The Race
5. Can We Talk
6. In The Beginning
7. It Don’t Get No Better
8. Dying Anyway
9. Private Guy
10. Reflections
11. Take A Little Hit
12. Sixteen Tons
13. Rich Interior Life
14. Hooglin

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