Ludovico Einaudi

Diario Mali

A Suite that retraces an ideal journey through the heart of Africa, in Mali. On the stage Ballaké Sissoko, a Malian kora virtuoso, and Ludovico Einaudi that from Mali has drwan the main source of inspiration for the album I Giorni. The encounter between the two took place for the first time a the Festival di Villa Arconati in 2002 and continued in January 2003 in Mali at Essakane’s Festival du Desert, dedicated to Tuareg’s culture.

Diario Mali is the story of a journey. Two friends speaking different languages meet each other in the desert and, through music, they exchange their worlds under the shade of a henné tree. They create a free dialogue, they improvise. The strings of the kora and the piano weave a story out of time where, on the backdrop of the ancient Malian music tradition, resound echoes of blues, Renaissance melodies, and Caribbean reminiscences.


1. Laissez-moi en paix 4:03
2. Entre nous 9:33
3. Soutoukou 7:17
4. Chanson d’amour 8:11
5. Chameaux 5:04
6. Ma mére 6:04
7. A l’ombre 8:2
8. Niger Blues 5:39
9. Mali Sajio 8:00
10. Dessert dans le désert 5:49

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