Dakota Days

Dakota Days

Dakota Days are the creators, for Ponderosa Music & Art, of a brilliant first project titled Dakota Days. This project is composed of twelve heterogeneous tracks creating visions and atmospheres that – even if they reflect passions and sounds extremely varied and, in some ways, antithetical – are the expression of an intimate and spontaneous sound, with a high dose of improvisation. A meeting point between experimentations and melodic intuition, sometimes even joyful. 

«We merged our two worlds, our backgrounds, in order to entertain ourselves: without ulterior motives and without any pressure from any record executive», said Alberto Fabris, highlighting how the entire album was composed, played, and produced by the pair. «At the Fabris’ home, armed of an analogic sampler, a keyboard, and drums, I lived a sort of musical full immersion, and I have to say that the interplay with Alberto worked to perfection», echoed Ronald Lippok, whose unmistakable hypnotic voice marks the entire record.

Dakota Days, which also includes the reinterpretation of “Slow”, one of Kylie Minogue’s hits, and also the cover of the show tune of the tv series “Love Boat”, saw the additional participation of Andrea Rubuffetti in four tracks where he played the guitar, the lud, and the sitar. 


1. Slow
2. Planet Of The Apes
3. Autumn Of
4. Sinners Like Us
5. Without A Stone
6. Clare De Kitchen
7. The Kiss
8. Dakota Days
9. Love Boat
10. The Hunter
11. Sometimes
12. Silver Mine 

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