Guano Padano


Americana is the third artistic effort by Guano Padano and it’s not only a new record but also a project, a very peculiar concept album, deep and important. The title draws inspiration from the Eighties novel Americana, a collection of a few American writers translated in Italian.

Guano Padano made an effort to translate into music those sensations and emotions triggered by the reading of this book – by now a literature milestone -, combining the American authors’ stories and tales with music.

Americana is a record that makes us dream, gifting the listener strong emotions, visions, and sensations. It’s rich in sounds and instruments that stretch over wide musical areas, just like the American anthology’s tales, just like the essence of America itself


The Hushed Universe 2:09
Pian della Tortilla 2:52
El Toro 3:40
My Banjo Dog 3:13
Dago Red 4:17
But Children Own the Stars – part I 1:28
White Giant 2:56
The Hollow Answer of the Night 1:08
Flem’s Circus 3:15
My Town 4:32
Station 37 1:19
Cacti 3:27
But Children Own the Stars – part II 1:26
Better than the Radio 2:36
The Seed and The Soil 2:20
Black Boy 3:44
The Fat of the Land 3:04

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