The Beach Boys


The Beach Boys formed in California in 1961 and besides founders Mike Love (vocals), Brian Wilson (bass and vocals), and Carl Wilson (guitar and vocals), Dennis Wilson (drums and vocals), and Al Jardin (guitar e vocal) complete the band.

Very few bands, if none, can compare to The Beach Boys in presence, spirit, and performance.  It’s possible to encapsulate the better part of the greats in pop music through the count of their hits or based on the millions of copies sold. But these counts are not enough when evaluating the influence of The Beach Boys on the entire pop scene and beyond in the last fifty years. But its greatest importance is in the fact that it changed the musical panorama so deeply that every pop exponent is in its debt.

The role of Love as front man sometimes obfuscates his stature as one of the most important songwriters in rock. The Beach Boys’ first success, “Surfin” (1962) came out from his own pen. With his cousin, Brian Wilson, he wrote classics like “Fun, Fun, Fun”, “I Get Around”, “Help Me Rhonda”, “California Girls”, and Grammy-nominated “Good Vibrations“.

Like most of the band of those times, The Beach Boys, if not for their devotion to music and their fans, could have retired from the scenes since the release of the masterpiece that is Pet Sounds (1966) and live-off their income for the rest of their lives. They could also have retired after “Kokomo” in 1988, having seen it become their most sold single, or after having had the honor of being inducted in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame that same year, or again after having reached the hundred million copies sold. Instead in 2003, Sounds of Summer, which went triple platinum with more than three million copies sold, was published by Capitol Records, together with the following album, The Warmth Of The Sun.

In 2012 they embarked on a celebratory tour for their fifty-year career, during which the original members, reunited for the occasion, published That’s Why God Made the Radio.

The Beach Boys also engage in charity-related activities through the Mike Love’s Love Foundation, which supports environmental and educational activities, and which has donated more than a quarter-million dollars to the Red Cross for the victims of the Katrina Hurricane.

The Beach Boys found in music the key to eternal youth, making copies for everyone. For these boys, the beach is not only a place where they can surf but most importantly a place where life is renewed, always.





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