Stuart Braithwaite


Stuart Braithwaite, born in 1976, is the leader and guitarist of the Scottish band Mogwai, a milestone in post-rock musical history. He grew up listening to The Cure, Joy Division, and The Velvet Underground, and his passion for music led him to experiment with genres and sounds. This tendency towards experimentation made Braithwaite one of the most fascinating and versatile musicians of the whole music international panorama.

The first years in Stuart’s career are intertwined with the creation of the band Deadcat Motorbike, which however broke up in 1995. Soon after he founded Mogwai with Dominic Aitchinson and Martin Bulloch. Braithwaite, at the beginning of the 2000s, also started his solo career creating a peculiar sound that mixed electronic music with song writing.

His career is full of numerous projects: the publication in 2002, together with Aidan Moffat and Colin “Sheepy” McPherson, of the EP The Sick Anchors, or the participation in the English alternative rock supergroup Minor Victories.

His musical style is a clever mix of guitars, electronics, and song writing which leads to an intimate atmosphere always reminiscent of Braithwaite’s rock experiences.

In 2016, Braithwaite participated in the creation of the documentary Lost in France: an insight on Glasgow’s music scene and the record label Chemikal Underground Records. In the film, written and directed by Niall McCann, Braithwaite recreated one of the first Mogwai concerts, appeared in some old footage, and re-proposed some Mogwai’s songs in solo performances.

In the documentary, Braithwaite duetted with artists such as Alex Kapranos (Franz Ferdinand), Emma Pollock, RM Hubbert, and Holy Mountain, and he was featured in an interview with old collaborators at Chemikal Underground Records.

Lost in France premiered at the Edinburgh Film Festival of 2016, where it received positive reviews and was defined by The Skinny, a famous Scottish art magazine, as: «funny, vital and thoughtful».

In 2019, Braithwaite performed in Italy during two concerts: one in November at Fabrik in Cagliari and another in December at Planet in Rome during Biennale MArte Live Festival 2019.




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