Stewart Copeland


Stewart Copeland (Virginia, 1952), known as one of the founders of Police, is an American artist and multi-instrumentalist. He is known for his solo career, despite after Police he decided to compose mainly soundtracks, opera music, and ballets.

Copeland’s music career started in 1975 when he became the drummer of the progressive rock group Curved Air. With this band, Copeland published two albums Midnight Wire (1975) and Airbone (1976), in which was recognized his creative contribution that mixed rock with reggae.

The group broke up soon after the second album, therefore in 1977 Copeland founded Police – in which he will play until 1986 – together with Sting and Andy Summers.

The musical trio affirmed itself as one of the most popular and innovative experiences of the post-punk era, thanks to songs like “Roxanne” (1979), “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” or “Every Breath You Take”.

Alongside Police, Stewart Copeland published in 1980 Klark Kent: Music & Madness from the Kinetic Kid, a solo album under the name of Klark Kent. The record was a huge success for the critics, who praised his complex and layered musical style.

Copeland affirmed himself also as a brilliant composer and received a nomination for the Golden Globes of 1983 thanks to the creation of the soundtrack for Rumble Fish by Francis Ford Coppola. In 1985 he published The Rhythmatist born after his trip to Africa, and he was featured in several other musical projects.

Stewart listed numerous collaborations with different musical formations during the Nineties and the 2000s, until his performance during the Notte della Taranta di Melpignano in Italy in 2004.

The following year, Copeland created the musical project Gizmo, together with guitarist David Fiuczynski and keyboardist Vittorio Cosma, in which they recreated songs by Copeland. Gizmo performed in Rome at Villa Ada in 2005 joined by Italian artists Raiz and Max Gazzè.

In 2006 Stewart produced Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out, a documentary about Police. It premiered at Sundance Film Festival and was the starting point for an international tour that celebrated the 30th anniversary of Police and granted the reunion of the group.

That same year published the compilation The Stewart Copeland Anthology to celebrate his 40-years long career. In 2016 Copeland embraced a new project: the rock supergroup Gizmodrome, composed by musicians Mark King (Level 42), Adrian Belew (Talking Heads, King Crimson), and Vittorio Cosma (PFM), with whom recorded a homonymous album in 2017.




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