Soap&Skin it’s the stage name of Austrian musician and producer Anja Plaschg, born in 1990. She was raised on a farm in the Ustrain hinterland and began studying piano and violin when she was young. To pursue her studies at the Fine Arts Academy she moved to Vienna.

With her first album, preceded by a four-track EP, Lovetune for Vacuum (2009), Plaschg immediately showed her brilliant talent as a songwriter bringing melody to her inner torment, to her anguish, and to her development and growth from girl to woman. Lovetune for Vacuum’s themes were reprised in her second album, Narrow, in 2012 but they were exacerbated by the loss of her father occurred in 2009. From Narrow was extracted the single “Voyage, Voyage”, a cover of French artist Desireless, to be used in the Austrian film Stilleben in which Anja debuted as an actress.

In 2011 she created “Goodbye” in collaboration with electronic musician Apparat, which was included both in the last episode of the fourth season of the iconic tv series Breaking Bad and as the show tune for Dark, a German series by Netflix.

After six years from his last studio project, Soap&Skin published her third album, From Gas to Solid / You Are My Friend in 2018. The record arrived after a break from the music scene and maybe it was for this reason that she was involved in every aspect of its creation. From Gas to Solid / You Are My Friend was recorded mainly in Plaschg’s home and was played by the artist in its entirety. The typical elements from her previous albums were still present but with a larger breadth and more open towards the world, a change that may have come forth due to Anja’s new role of mother.

In 2019 she is one of the protagonists of Ferrara Sotto le Stelle, a musical show in which Soap&Skin presented a selection of her most captivating and evocative songs.





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