Sébastien Tellier


Sébastien Tellier, born in Le Plessis-Bouchard (France) in 1975, is one of the most important French artists of the last decade. Described as the romantic dandy of the 2000s, he became a true icon due to his musical genius characterized by an enigmatic and mellow style, and a particular sense of fun.

The debut album of the eclectic French artist, L’incroyable Vérité (2001), was presented as an homage to pop music woven with lo-fi electronic influences, but also with bizarre melodies typical of the cabaret that is described by Rolling Stone as «One of the most unique sounds that you will hear this year». One of the tracks from this album, “Fantino”, was chosen by the renowned director Sofia Coppola for the soundtrack of the acclaimed movie Lost in Translation. Tellier embarked on a tour in support of the album together with the historic French band AIR.

One of the most important and acclaimed songs of Sébastien is “La Ritournelle”, which was part of his second album Politics (2004), a sublime epic led by a perpetual movement of cords, as well as an undisputed nouveau classic. The track was simply described by NME as «Basically Unfinished Sympathy Pt II» and when influential DJ Tom Middleton first heard it, he said: «I had to pull over the side of the road and cry».

In 2006 he released Sessions, an album comprising songs already published in previous records but reinterpreted acoustically. This softer project was followed by his explosive participation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2008. Sébastien was chosen to represent France and he did so with a performance of the song “Divine” that was in between the theatrical and the comedic.

Again in 2008, he published his new project Sexuality, produced by Daft Punk’s Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, which was followed by L’Aventura in 2014, an album inspired by his youth with strong Brazilian influences.

Tellier came back on the music scene in 2020 with “A Ballet”, a single preceding the release of his seventh album Domesticated. The idea behind the album was his family life following his marriage and the birth of his children.

Sébastien has always tried to be an independent figure, constantly astonishing, and always striving to delight his public. He always succeeded in confusing the songwriter stereotype with his mercurial magic. Whoever saw him in action will know that his live performances are equally legendary, bizarre, and marvelous. Like always, with Sébastien, you come to expect the unexpected.




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