Sam Amidon


Singer-songwriter, multi- instrumentalist, and born into music, Sam Amidon is one of the most interesting personalities in the American folk music scene. He was born in Brattleboro (Vermont) in 1981 from Peter and Mary Alice Amidon, esteemed American folk musicians.

Sam Amidon’s career started with the publication of his two solo albums: Solo Fiddle (2001), a collection of instrumental tracks with deep Irish rhythms, and But This Chicken Proved False Hearted (2007), an explorative and folk research album.

The attachment to tradition is an extremely important theme for Amidon, and his constant reference to it – together with the quality of his performances – are what drew the critics’ praise both in America and Europe.

Alongside the publication of his next albums, among which All Is Well (2008), I See the Sign (2010), Bright Sunny South (2013), Amidon enlisted, between his projects, various musical collaborations with bands like Tune-Yards and The Blind Boys of Alabama, and with traditional folk personalities like Glen Hansard.

In 2017 he published The Following Mountain, a collection of completely original songs. The album generated extremely positive reactions among the critics which defined him, quoting The Guardian: «a bold, new journey in folk music».

In October 2020, Amidon published the homonymous album Sam Amidon, by himself considered the most complete realization of his artistic vision. The album contains original arrangements of the most classic American folk songs mixed with Amidon’s own sound, in what can be considered an extension of the narrative started with The Following Mountain.




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