The award-winning Norwegian pianist Bugge Wesseltoft, born in 1964, joined forces with his friends Magnus Öström, born in 1965, and Dan Berglund, born in 1963, to give life to Rymden, their newest project.

Melding together the experience from their first group e.s.t (esbjorn svensson trio) and Bugge’s new concept of jazz, these three artists give new lifeblood to contemporary music’s history. We are talking about artists that during the course of the years have toured the world redefining, on an international level, an original, fresh sound with a great opening towards experimentations and a radically new aptitude. 

With his platform for artists (and label) Jazzland, Wesseltoft was a pioneer and great promoter of the modernization of Scandinavian jazz music. e.s.t were among the first groupsto have played and legitimized jazz music in rock clubs, concert halls, and, of course, on the stages of the most important festivals around the world. 

Rymden’s music is based on three fundamental elements: melancholic and atmospheric songwriting, dramatically charged rhythms, and high-level jazz virtuosity. These three elements were used in their acclaimed debut album Reflections and Odyssey (2019). The perfect sequel arrived in 2020, Space Sailors. The album presented a varied sound palette comprising electric keyboards and many sound effects that became the right garnish for the three elements of their music.
For this formation, the influences come from different musical points: modern jazz, Bach, film soundtracks, and even rock music. They are obviously weaved together with a fruitful live experience which they bring to Italy, more precisely to JAZZMI in Milan for which they debuted on the stage of the Triennale Milano Teatro.




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