Quinteto Astor Piazzolla


After the passing of the mythical Argentinian musician and composer Astor Piazzolla, his wife Laura Escalada Piazzolla created the Astor Piazzolla Foundation with the objective to keep spreading and promoting the artist’s music. It was for this reason that in 1998 she founded the Quinteto Astor Piazzolla, composed by Pablo Mainetti (bandoneon), Nicolás Guerschberg (guitar), Serdar Geldymuradov (violin), Armando de La Vega (guitar), Daniel Falasca (double bass), and Julián Vat (bandleader).

Astor Piazzolla during his career formed various groups but maybe the most important was the “First Quintet”, founded during the Sixties and then again in the Eighties, the quintet, to the Argentinian composer insistence, had to have a formation as to be able to play the “New Tango”, the experimental style created by Piazzolla. This meant the participation of bandoneon, guitar, violin, piano, and double bass.

It was according to this idea that the contemporary Quinteto Astor Piazzolla was born. The quintet brought the repertoire of the bandoneonist Piazzolla on international stages once again, receiving praise from the critics and the public.

They published four albums of original songs, Revolucionario, Fugato, En 3×4, and Triunfal, for which they reinterpreted Piazzolla’s classics but also less known song and through which they highlighted their musical talent. 

In 2019 they won a Latin Grammy for Best Tango Album and performed in Italy in an unforgettable concert at the Casa del Jazz in Rome. For this occasion, they brought out the most famous song from Astor’s repertoire, spaced-out songs less known but equally moving.

In 2021 they prepared for an international tour in order to celebrate the centennial of the birth of Piazzolla, an opportunity to pay homage to the Master with a retrospective of his creative history.





Thirty-one days, sixteen artists artists and sixty-one concerts

Thirty-one. Sixteen. Sixty-one. Thirty-one for the days in the month of July. Sixteen for the number of artists from the Ponderosa team who will play live on tour throughout the course of this month. Sixty-one, for the number of concerts they will perform all around Italy. These are blessed numbers for live performers, who were hit hard by the lockdown and color-coded restrictions during the Covid-19 pandemic.


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