Plaza Francia Orchestra


Plaza Francia is a music project born in 2014 from the creative minds of Cristoph H. Müller and Eduardo Makaroff, both from the Gotan Project, to give life to a sound uniting the traditional tango’s sensuality to more contemporary genres such as pop and electronic. The two former Gotan Project are joined by singer Catherine Ringer of the cult band Les Rita Mitsouko.

Cristoph H. Müller. Cristoph is a Swiss artist, born in 1967. After having completed his studies in Zurich and Paris, in 1997 he started to collaborate with the label Ya Basta as a producer, specializing in composition for short films, TV, and advertisements. Two years later he founded with Eduardo Makaroff and Philippe Cohen Solal the Gotan Project, a music project focusing on new iterations of Argentinian jazz.

In 2004 he founded his own studio, March:Musics, with which he helped young emerging artists to bring to life their artistic expressions.

Eduardo Makaroff. Eduardo was born in Argentina in 1954 and, after a career full of success in his native country, he moved to Paris in 1990. He founded the group Mano a Mano after having just arrived in the French capital with which he published the acclaimed Tango Joyeux, and later he became the director of La Coupole, a famous tango club in Paris.

In 1990 with Müller and Solal he founded the Gotan Project with which he published between 2001 and 2010 three albums:  La Revacha del Tango (2001), Lunático (2006), and Tango 3.0 (2010).  Makaroff, moreover, founded, together with Gérard Lo Monaco, the label Mañana with the objective to promote Argentinian music internationally.

Catherine Ringer. Catherine was born in Suresnes, France, in 1957 and started her artistic career on theatres’ stages during the second half of the Seventies, performing in music, acting, and dancing productions.

Catherine’s most important artistic relationship started in 1976 when she met dancer and choreographer Marcia Moretto, with whom she collaborated until the latter’s passing in 1981. It was from this devastating sorrow that “Marcia Baila” was born. One of the most important and famous songs of Les Rita Mitsouko, the band founded by Ringer in 1980 with Frederic Chichin and with which she created music until 2008.

Plaza Francia published its first album titled A New Tango Song Book in 2014. the record introduced itself as a bridge between tango and pop music, collecting great success both nationally and internationally. between 2014 and 2015, the band embarked on a European tour that brought them also to Italy for a unique concert at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome

In 2018 the artists changed the name of the group that became Plaza Francia Orchestra, which would be also the title of their second album. Plaza Francia Orchestra saw the participation of singers Lure (“Un Lugar” e “Arrebato”) and Maria Muliterno on original music and lyrics by Makaroff and Müller.





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