Piers Faccini


Piers Faccini, born in 1970, is a French-Italian singer-songwriter. He is able to fascinate the international audience thanks to his music made of the different influences of the two cultures and languages that shaped him.

Faccini’s career started in 1997 when he founded Charley Marlowe together with poet Francesca Beard, percussionist Frank Byng, and guitarist Luc Suarez. After the release of This Could Be You (2000), however, the band broke up and Faccini carried on with his solo career.

His first successful album was Leave no Trace, published in 2004 by the independent record label Label Bleu, which was followed by Tearing Sky (2006), published by Everloving Records.

Three years later, the record Two Grains of Sand (2009)) granted Faccini the nomination for French independent music award Le Prix Costantin and was voted by listeners of France Inter Radio as Album of the Year.

In 2011 and 2013 Faccini published respectively My Wilderness and Between Dogs and Wolves, while collaborating with international artists such as Rokia Traorè, Ballakè Sissoko, and Vincent Sègal. With the latter, Piers recorded the album Songs of Time Lost (2014), which reached the first positions in NPR and Songline charts that same year. The latest album by Faccini was I Dreamed an Island, published by Ponderosa Music&Arts in 2016. It is a record full of musical contaminations that crosses and fills geographical distances. Faccini’s style blends Provençal atmospheres with baroque guitars and bagpipes and enchanted the Italian public during three concerts in Milan (Salumeria della Musica), Venice (Fondaco dei Tedeschi), and Turin (Folk Club).






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