Peter Hook


Peter Hook (stage name for Peter Woodhead, born in 1956), is an English bassist and singer known for being a member of Joy Division and New Order. The ominous sonorities of Hook’s bass permitted Joy Division to create songs characterized by deep despair and depression and were able to give rhythm extreme importance in the punk genre and to inspire an entire generation.

Hook founded Joy Division in 1977 together with Bernard Sumner and remained their bassist until the breakup of the group in 1980, which happened after Ian Curtis’s suicide. With the remaining members, he then founded, in 1981, New Order in which he stayed until 2007.

In New Order’s first album Movement (1981), Hook was the lead singer and his bass became more melodic, perfectly blended with the band’s synth-pop sound.

Alongside his experience with New Order, Hook participated in two other projects: Revenge (198-1991) and Monaco (1997-2001). With the latter, he obtained quite a commercial success thanks to the song “What Do You Want From Me?” of 1997.

After the breakup of New Order, in 2007, Hook started several other projects and collaborations which led him to the publication of Summer ’88 e Tokyo Joe, in which Hook’s punk bass sonorities emerged.

That same year he founded Peter Hook and The Light in which he was the singer and the bassist. The band performed rearrangements of songs by Joy Division and New Order and started with a concert in May 2012 in Manchester which was dedicated to Ian Curtis.

In January 2013, Peter Hook published his book Unknown Pleasures-Inside Joy Division in which he wrote about his childhood and his career with Joy Division.

Four years later, in July 2017, Hook performed in Italy during his touring show An Evening with Peter Hook and The Light, in which the group rearranged the two compilations Substance (1987 and 1988) which contained the best of New Order and Joy Division.






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