Mike Patton


Mike Patton was born in 1968 and is one of the most versatile, peculiar, and eclectic figures of the rock scene. During his entire artistic journey, he divided his time between his solo career, his producing career, and the membership to numerous bands such as Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, and Fantômas.

Faith No More, impressed by the versatility of the artist, asked Patton (then a member of Mr. Bungle) to join the band in 1989. Mike accepted on the condition he didn’t have to leave Mr. Bungle. FNM’s new formation reached international fame thanks to albums like The Real Thing (1989), Angel Dust (1992), and Album of the Year (1997). 

Mr. Bungle, in the meantime, signed a record contract with Warner Bros. also thanks to the notoriety reached by Patton. they released Mr. Bunglein 1991 andDisco Volante in 1995. It was this last album that the critics found absolutely brilliant and that consolidated the band’s ability to tear down the musical genres’ barriers to breathe life into an umpredictable and innovative sound.

In 1998 Faith No More broke up and Patton embarked on a new music project: the super band Fantômas which was the participation of Slayer’s drummer Dave Lombardo and Mr. Bungle’s bassist Trevor Dunn. Fantômas published their first album, Fantômas, in 1999 and the same year, Patton and Mr. Bungle released the band’s best album, California.

The first decade of the 2000s was a particularly busy period of time for Mike. He released alongside Fantômas, the band’s second album, The Director’s Cut (2001); He founded the experimental band Lovage with which he released Lovage: Music to Make to Your Old Lady By (2001); He collaborated with Peeping Tom for their 2006 pop record Peeping Tom.

In  2010 Patton released an album inspired by Italian music. In Mondo Cane he interpreted songs from the Fifties and the Sixties by Mogol (“20 Km Al Giorno”, “L’Uomo Che Non Sapeva Amare), Gino Paoli (“Senza Fine”, “Il Cielo in Una Stanza”), and Ennio Morricone (“Deep Down”, “Quello Che Conta”),with the right amount of respect due to the iconic genre but without losing his originality. 

In 2012 Mike curated the soundtrack for the neo-noir film direct by Derek Cianfrance. the Place Beyond the Pines, and in 2015 he published together with Faith No More, Sol Invictus, the first album by the band since 1997’s Album of the year.

In 2017 Patton released Dead Cross, the debut album by the eponymous hardcore-punk group founded together with Dave Lombardo and the members of the punk band Retox. While in 2019, he collaborated with French composer Jean-Claude Vannier for the album Corpse Flower
In 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic, he published 12 Songs from Home, a collection of tracks played in his home vertical studio, and subsequently Einaudi Undiscovered, a selection of previously unreleased songs from his long career.




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