Madrugada’s story is permeated with innovation, the same innovation that brought them to be veritable legends of Scandinavian rock. They formed in 1993 and the group’s key members include Sivert Høyem (vocal), Robert Burås (guitar), Frode Jacobsen (bass), and Jon Lauvland Pettersen (drums) 

In 1998 they signed a six-record contract with Virgin Music Norway and their debut album, Industrial Silence, was released in 1999. The album was dark and introspective, and its sound originated from the post-rock genre which brought it to already have a clear idea of the journey the band would be undertaking.

Industrial Silence was followed by the Nightly Disease in 2001, a record even darker than the debut, if possible, in which the band’s poetic lyrics were completed by rough and blunt arrangements that earned them the epithet of “depression caught on tape”.
A year later they released Grit, for which Madrugada swerved towards experimental sounds and form which was extracted one of the band’s most appreciated single, “Majesty”.

In 2004 the band moved to Los Angeles where they began to work on what would become The Deep End (2005). Their fourth artistic effort was preceded by the single “The Kids Are on High Street” which debuted on the Norwegian radios first and then worldwide. The Deep End became one of the highest-selling records in Norway, surpassed only by the band’s first live album, Live at Trafamadore, released that same year.

This fantastic year was closed by Madrugada’s victory of three Spellemannprisen for Best Rock Album, Best Song, and Spellmann of the Year respectively. 

In 2007 the band decided to break up due to the passing of guitarist Robert Burås. Their last album Madrugada (recorded shortly before Buràs’ death) was released in 2008 and was dedicated to the guitarist. In 2008 they performed at the Oslo Spektrum for the last concert in their goodbye tour in front of a sold-out arena. 

Madrugada reunited in 2009 for a European tour – which fittingly started from the Oslo Spektrum – to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the band’s legendary debut album, Industrial Silence.






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