Lucio Corsi


Lucio Corsi was born in 1993 in Vetulonia, near Grosseto, and is considered one of the most interesting personalities of his musical generation. He is able to blend songwriting, folk-pop, and glam rock to create a sound that is the product of extremely diverse interests and influences.

Lucio’s passion for music started since his childhood when he loved watching The Blues Brothers, and when in 2011 he started writing his own songs and performing in Vetulonia’s clubs and squares.

The first musical influences for Lucio were the ones of Genesis and Peter Gabriel, who contributed to the creation of songs with experimental and progressive rock sounds. Afterward, he approached Italian songwriting tradition and started admiring artists like Flavio Giurato and Ivan Graziani.

In 2014 Lucio Corsi published his first EP Vetulonia Dakar, which offered him the possibility to perform at MIAMI Festival with his song “Le Api” and to open Stadio’s concert during Festabiente.

His second EP was Altalena Boy (2015) and afterward was combined together with Vetulonia Dakar in Lucio’s first actual studio album Altalena Boy/Vetulonia Dakar (2015). This record was extremely appreciated both by critics and the public thanks to its glam style and surreal lyrics.

In 2017 Corsi published his second studio album Bestiario Musicale, a concept album with a fable-like theme: each one of the eight tracks was dedicated to an animal typical of Tuscan Maremma.

That same year he opened the concerts of Brunori Sas and Baustelle. He became friends with Francesco Bianconi (Baustelle) and together with him was chosen by artistic director Alessandro Michele as a testimonial for Gucci’s Campaign “Cruise 2018”. In 2020 Lucio published his latest album Cosa faremo da grandi?, produced by Francesco Bianconi and Antonio Cupertino for Sugar Music. The album was matched with the works of the visionary director Tommaso Ottomano and received huge appreciation both by critics and the public. OndaRok defined the record as «a summary of orchestral sonorities and riffs worthy of the most glamorous Bowie (especially “Freccia Bianca”) which softly unfold between the verses, like an embrace and the remembrance of a dream which never came true».





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