Lambchop is one of the most brilliant and unique band risen from the American music scene of the Nineties. The band never has a stable line-up but is had a fluid collective of artits moving around a creative focal point represented by frontman Kurt Wagner. Their music doesn’t subscribe to a sole genre but ranges form country to soul to jazz and again to every imaginable type of contemporary music.

The group formed in Nashville in 1986 as a simple trio comprising Wagner, guitarist Jim Watkins, and bassist Marc Trovillion. Originally called Posterchild, the band was self-produced and released a series of tapes titled I’m F*cking Your Daugther.

With time Lambchop’s line-up extended and in 1992 they release, together with Crop Cricle Hoax, the single “An Open Fresca + A Moist Towelette” and “Nine” in 1993 with the label Merge. Their debut album I Hope You’re Sitting Down (aka Jack’s Tulips) was released a year later and included the fan favorite “Soaky in the Pooper”.

In 1996 How I Quit Smoking as released, followed in 1996 by the EP Hank. The real turning point was the 1997 album Thriller that introduced the absolute eclecticism that would also charcterize the band’s subsequent projects like What Another Man Spills (1998), the conceptual album Nixon (2000), and the collection Tools in the Dryer e Is a Woman (2002).

The first decade of the 2000s saw Lambchop measure themselves gainst the band’s most ambitious project: the simoultaneous relase of two albums in 2004, Aw C’Mon and No, You C’mon, for recording of which the band employed an entire string section.
A year later the EP CoLAB was published, a musical experiment followed by 2006’s The Decline of Country & Western Civilization. 2008 saw the release of OH (Ohio), followed bu the eleventh album Mr. M. that pressented eleven tracks illustrating life and loss.

In 2012 Wagner launched the parallel project HeCTA, the musical elemnts of which influenced Lamchop’s next project, FLOTUS (2016). three years later This (Is What I Wanted to Tell You) brought the band’s sound closer to the electronic genre, aided by extensive use of the autotune on Wagner’s voice.Trip (2020) is the American band’s newest album which collects six cover choosen by the various members of the group.






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