Incognito are one of the most important groups of acid-jazz nowadays. They were founded in England in 1976 by Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick and are an ever-changing formation, such as their music is.

After the creation of the group thanks to Maunick and Paul “Tubbs” Williams, Incognito published their first album Jazz Funk in 1981. After that, they took a break until 1991 when they released Inside Life. The album was recorded together with several British musicians coming from the groove scene, a characteristic that was present also in the following albums: Tribes, Vibes and Scribes (1992), featuring vocalist Maysa Leak, Positivity (1993) and 100° and Rising together with Joy Malcolm and Pamela Anderson. The album’s track “Everyday” reached 23rd position in the English chart of that same year.

After the release of Remixed (1996), Tokyo Live (1998) e No Time Like Future (1999), the following albums Life, Stranger Than Fiction (2001), and Who Needs Love (2002), were characterized by the absence of Maysa Leak, who was replaced by vocalists Tony Morelle and Joy Rose. However, the fluidity of the group, their cohesion, and their defined musical style was always present.

Incognito’s success was confirmed in 2010 by the release of Live in London: the 30th Anniversary Concert and Transatlantic R.P.M., which was enriched with the performances of Chaka Khan and Mario Biondi.

In 2012, Incognito published Surreal, followed by Amplified Soul (2014), In Search of Better Days (2016), and their newest album Tomorrow’s New Dream (2019). Once again, the albums are a manifesto of the acid-jazz sonorities of the group and their continuous will to create new music with several artists. To promote the release of the album, Incognito performed in Italy in November 2019 at VOX Club in Nonantola (MO).





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