Guano Padano


Guano Padano, composed by Alessandro “Asso” Stefana (guitarist and involved in collaborations with Vinicio Capossela and P.J. Harvey), Zeno De Rossi (drummer who collaborated with Vinicio Capossela) and Danilo Gallo (bass), formed in 2007.

The group’s music gets close to the timeless melodies of Morricone’s soundtracks and adds jazz, folk, and psychedelic harmonies.

Guano Padano started their career in 2009 when they published their first album Guano Padano together with the American label Important Records and Joey Burns, a member of Calexico. The album is a manifesto of the group’s production and especially of their sonorities that refer to classic western films. The record contains numerous collaborations with artists like Gary Lucas, Chris Speed, Bobby Solo e Alessandro Alessandroni.

Their second album is 2 which was published by Tremoloa Records in 2012. The record is a collection of songs that introduce instruments and sonorities close to electronic and lists numerous important collaborations with Mike Patton, Marc Ribot e Paul Niehaus.

Guano Padano’s most recent project was Americana, published in 2014 by Ponderosa Music & Art. The title took inspiration from the homonymous narrative anthology of American writers curated by Elio Vittorini, and the combination of the Italian and the American culture is precisely the common thread of the entire album. It’s almost like a journey through Guano Padano’s music wonders from Italy to America in an intimate and deep narration that involves the listener.

In 2017, Guano Padano collaborated on the album The Following Mountain by Sam Amidon, accompanying his songwriting and folk production.

Three years later, in 2020, Guano Padano performed on Giardino della Triennale stage beginning the Milanese season of concerts after the long pause due to Covid-19 emergency.






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Danilo Gallo, bassist of Guano Padano, spoke to us about the birth of their new studio album “Back And Forth” and the origins of the band’s musical partnership with Sam Amidon and Bill Frisell


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