Giovanni Truppi


Giovanni Truppi, born in Naples in 1981, is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, singer, poet, and one of the most eclectic personalities of the Italian independent music scene. Since he was a child, he showed an affinity for music and at the age of seven, he started to play the piano, which became the key instrument in his musical repertoire. Inspired by the Seventies’ songwriting style and by sonorities close to Sufjan Stevens, he established himself in the music scene for his «ability to renew songwriting».

After a brief affiliation with the band Le Baccanti, from 2010 to 2015 he published three albums: C’è un me dentro di me (2010), Il mondo è come te lo metti in testa (2013), Giovanni Truppi (2015).

The year 2016 saw the artist as the protagonist of an Italian tour in which he played a pianoforte completely altered by Truppi himself. «I tore my pianoforte apart and then I reassembled it» told Giovanni to Rockit’s journalist Vittorio Farachi, and not as a figure of speech: «I sawed off its lateral parts, I created a system so that the keyboard could detach from the piano’s body like a drawer in order to make it portable. So now it isn’t only portable but also electrified. I added pick-ups similar to the ones for guitars, so now I have a pianoforte that is acoustic, detachable, and can be jacked up».

Three years later, he published his fourth album, Poesia e Civiltà. The record pulled away from both the themes he dealt with in earlier albums and the songwriting style previously used. Truppi approached social and political themes which he narrated through a classic and complex songwriting style that moved him away from pop-like sounds.

With the EP 5, published in 2020, he revisited and re-studied his tracks: he turned them upside down and rearranged them with the precious collaboration of his colleagues and friends, like Calcutta for  “Mia”, Nicolò Fabi for “Conoscersi in una situazione di difficoltà”, La Rappresentante di Lista for “Due segreti”, Brunori Sas for “Procreare”.

During the summer of 2020, Giovanni Truppi loaded his detachable piano on a van and traveled the long perimeter of the Italian coasts for «a handful of piano concerts», as he described them. From Ventimiglia to Trieste, he traveled the Italian coasts’ outline at the end of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, which he then turned into a reportage for the monthly publication Linus.






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