Donavon Frankenreiter


Donavon Frankenreiter, American and born in 1972, is a singer-songwriter influenced by rock and surf music. He brought his music on tour for over twenty years, but his production is continuously evolving and wonders between funk, blues, and surf music.

Donavon started playing guitar since he was 18, but his career started in 1996, while before he dedicated himself to his surfing experience.

In 1996, he founded the band Sunchild, in which he played the lead guitar and created a sound inspired by the Seventies rock. With his group, Donavon published Barefoot & Live (1997) and California Honey (2000) before carrying on with his solo career.

In 2002, Frankenreiter signed with Brushfire Records and published his first album Donavon Frankenreiter two years later. The album, released only in Australia, placed itself in the national ARIA charts and reached the 40th position. After his promotional tour, Donavon decided to publish his album also in the USA.

The success of his first album was confirmed by the following Move By Yourself (2006) and the song “Lovely Day” was used in the soundtrack of the film Snakes on a Plane by David R.Ellis.

That same year he recorded The Abbey Road Sessions, a DVD which contained Donavon’s live performance recorded in Abbey Road Studios.

After the publication of Pass It Around in 2008, Revisited e Glow in 2010, Start Livin’ in 2012, and The Heart in 2015, Donavon published his newest album Bass & Drum Tracks. It is an album that collects all of his influences and musical experiences presenting itself as a love declaration to analog sounds that have always fascinated the American songwriter.






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