Calexico, composed by Joey Burns, John Convertino, is the band founded in Arizona in 1996 which releases the spirit of crossover typical of the populations of the southern United States on the border with Mexico, with sounds close to alternative country.

Calexico, named after the homonymous Californian city, published their first album, Spoke, in 1997. Their second album The Black Light (1998) granted them fame: the album is a well-balanced and perfectly catchy mix of traditional and popular music together with folk, rock, Mexican, Balcanic, and Caribbean music.

In 2000, Calexico published Hot Rail where the jazz and Mexican influences were more noticeable over the ever-present rock sound, which is a characteristic of the group. This tendency of Calexico was present also in the following albums Feast of Fire (2003) – where there were psychedelic and electronic sounds – and In The Reins (2005) – recorded in collaboration with Iron and Wine (pseudonym for Samuel Ervin Beam).

The following year, Calexico published Garden Ruins which represented a twist in the group’s sound that became more pop as the subsequent albums Carried to Dust (2008), Algiers (2012), and Edge of The Sun (2015) showed.

In 2018, Calexico released The Thread That Keeps Us, a perfect reflection of the band, a sort of family portrait that captures all of their stylistic unpredictability and versatility. The album honors both the musical tradition and the strength of Calexico reaching the definition of a completely new standard, which Burns defined as: «a little more chaotic and noisier […] than the one in the previous albums».

To celebrate the release of the record, Calexico performed in Italy at Alcatraz in Milan, where they returned the following year at Giardino della Triennale, presenting the newest album Years to Burn (2019), born from the collaboration with Iron and Wine.

The latest album published by the band was Seasonal Shift (2020): a Christmas collection composed of original songs and traditional ones coming from the Mexican culture, an extremely important element for Calexico’s production.






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