Bedouine, stage name of Azniv Korkejian, is a Syrian American singer-songwriter born in Aleppo. Azniv’s life is characterized by continuous travels: from her childhood in Saudi Arabia to her transfer to America, from Boston to Houston, from Los Angeles to Kentucky, from Austin to Savannah, until the return to Los Angeles. Anyone can understand the choice of her name, Bedouine: “Bedouin, nomad, tramp”.

Aznyv’s answer to this nomadic life is her music: a lively and living quality, which translates into a well-defined sound characterized by the encounter of the folk of the Sixties with the funk country of the Seventies, all seasoned with drops of bossa nova, in which the accompaniment of the guitar and the precise lyrical excursions play a fundamental role, together wither voice and the depth of her lyrics.

In her compositions, Bedouine creates a prolonged and extensive mood that is reflected on the infinite reverberations of the movement, without fear of feeling pleasure along the way.

Bedouine’s musical career began with a leap of faith: in 2015 she attended the concert of Matthew E. White – founder of record label Spacebomb – and approached him afterward to ask for his contacts to send him some of her demos. White’s response came after only two weeks as he was struck by the natural and essential beauty of Aznyv’s songs and offered her a record deal.

In 2017 she released her first album, Bedouine, defined by The Guardian as one of the most discreet and fascinating albums of 2017. The songs show the desire to create a timeless sound dimension in which Bedouine matches the folk-soul nature of her songs to measured and elegant arrangements. The album’s musical quality reached Italy, where in June 2018, Bedouine performed during the TRI.P Music Festival in the wonderful Giardino della Triennale Milano. In 2019, Bedouine released Bird Songs of a Killjoy, a collection of songs that guide the listener in discovering Aznyv’s world and inner self by adding strings, horns, and keyboards to her typical folk and analogue sounds.





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