Andrea Motis


Andrea Motis, born in 1995, is a Spanish singer and trumpeter that conquered the international critics’ praise thanks to his splendid voice often compared to Norah Jones’, and thanks to the grace demonstrated while performing since her youth.

Andrea was musically trained in the trumpet and the saxophone and shortly before tuning thirteen she joined the Sant Andreu Band in which she sang and played the trumpet under the supervision of her mentor, saxophonist Joan Chamorro.

It was with Chamorro that Motis made her discographic debut, indeed in 2010 was released Joan Chamorro Presenta Andrea Motis. Two years later she released a new collaboration with her mentor, Feeling Good followed by an invitation to perform at the Festival Jazz of her city of origin, Barcellona, where she shared the stage with Quincy Jones.

In 2017 Andrea presented together with the important label Impulse! Records her first solo album, Emotional Dance. For her solo debut with the label, the artist sang in English, Spanish, and Portuguese on tracks masterfully arranged that moved between swing, jazz, and Bossanova.

In 2017 she performed with the Joan Chamorro Quartet on the Triennale Milano Teatro’s stage for the second edition of JAZZMI.





Thirty-one days, sixteen artists artists and sixty-one concerts

Thirty-one. Sixteen. Sixty-one. Thirty-one for the days in the month of July. Sixteen for the number of artists from the Ponderosa team who will play live on tour throughout the course of this month. Sixty-one, for the number of concerts they will perform all around Italy. These are blessed numbers for live performers, who were hit hard by the lockdown and color-coded restrictions during the Covid-19 pandemic.


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